Obezite nedir


Obesity is a medical condition, which can be defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in an individual’s body that presents a risk to health. That definition is given by the World Health Organisation. If a person reaches BMI 30 or more, it means that he or she is obese.


Usually people either deny being obese and overweight or they are not aware of this condition. According to statistics, obesity is a global problem and more attention should be drawn to this condition.

As reported by the World Health Organisation, there are at least 700 million obese people all over the world, predominantly women. Overall, about 22,3% of Turkey’s population struggle with obesity. By 2040 every tenth person will be obese.  


Obesity increases the chances of developing the following disorders: cardiovascular diseases, problems with skin, breathing difficulty (dyspnoea), snoring, sleeping apnoea and disorders, heavy sweating, joints pain, kidney diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome and even depression, which can affect the quality of one’s life tremendously.

In case an individual’s BMI is less than 30, i.e. he or she is close to being obese, there is still a high risk of the mentioned disorders’ occurrence. Therefore, the first symptom of obesity, even if BMI is less than 30, is unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity.