How much weight in kilograms will I lose after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

During the first year after the surgery, you are expected to lose 80% of the excess weight.

Will I feel the pain after the surgery?

You won’t feel pain, which affects your quality of life and well-being.

What are exclusion criteria for sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

The first exclusion criterion is BMI less than 35. The second one is alcohol abuse, while the next one is serious psychologic disorders.

What should I do before the surgery

You should refrain from eating fried, junk and unhealthy food for at least 3 days before the surgery. It is strongly recommended to quit smoking before the surgery as early as you can. Please do not forget to drink as much water as has been recommended by your physician.  

What kind of tests will be done before the operation?

Patients undergoing surgical procedures that require deep relaxation will get general anaesthesia as long as there are no contraindications. In order to be sure several tests will be done. Apart from that, you will be examined by pulmonologist, psychiatrist, and general physician before the surgical treatment.

What are the advantages of sleeve gastrectomy?

It should be highlighted that sleeve gastrectomy is easier to overcome and more comfortable for the patient than other types of bariatric surgeries. You will not feel pain after have been operated. Moreover, you will be discharged within three days after the surgery.

Can I plan pregnancy after being operated?

The first twelve months will be quite challenging for your body, that is why it is strongly advised to avoid pregnancy.

After the surgery what should I pay attention to during my pregnancy?

The most important point here will be healthy eating. Since the size of your stomach has been decreased, the amount of food you consume will also be less. Therefore, nutrient-dense food will be better for you as well as for your new-born baby.

When can I take a shower?

If you apply special post-operative dressing like a waterproof bandage, you can take shower on the first day after the surgery.

When will I be discharged from the hospital?

You will be discharged on the third day after the surgery.

When will I be able to get up and walk on my own?

You will be able to get up and walk on your own 1-2 hours later after you recover from the anaesthesia.

When will I return to my work?

Generally, one week later after the surgery patients return to their work.

When can I smoke?

You should refrain from smoking for one month after the surgery.

When can I swim in the sea/pool after the surgery?

You can swim in a swimming-pool or in the sea after the surgery three months later.

Will I lose my hair?

During the surgical treatment patients unconsciously experience anxiety, along with it, the amount of the food they consume becomes less. Thus, hair loss is a possible temporal post-operative complication.

Can I drink alcohol after surgery?

The first six months after the surgery consuming alcohol is strongly prohibited.

Can I drink beverages as Coke, Fruit Soda, Lemonade?

Beverages containing acid may prevent you from wound and stiches healing regimen. For that reason, the first twelve months after the surgery you should stay away from acidic drinks.

Can I drink coffee after the surgery?

Drinking coffee can also affect your stomach healing. For that reason, the first twelve months after the surgery, it is highly recommended to stay away from coffee consuming.

Can I have sex after the surgery?

It is better to refrain from any physical activity, which requires additional effort, during three weeks after the surgery.

Can I eat vegetables after the surgery?

It is not recommended to eat vegetables for one month after the surgery, especially veggies causing gas like broccoli and cabbage.

Do I need to eat a lot of protein after the surgery?

Protein is the source material for muscles. In order to prevent muscle loss and energy deficiency after the surgery, you should eat nutrient-dense and high protein food.

How to avoid excessive loose skin after weight loss?

Physical exercises on a regular basis will help you to avoid excessive loose skin at some point. One year later after the surgery, you also can seek for some aesthetic treatments.  

Can I take medicine after the operation?

You should refrain from taking medicines for four weeks after the surgery. Later, it is highly recommended to take heavy medications with proton pump inhibitors pills, which can protect your stomach, with one glass of water.

Do I need vitamins and supplements after the surgery?

You will take vitamins and supplements your dietician prescribe you for one year after the surgery.